Monday, April 27, 2009

Custom envelope liner

I first became to know the beauty of the envelope liner at a Paper Source demonstration earlier this year.

But how sweet would it be to make a custom liner with your names on it? Very sweet. Probably near impossible to line it up like they have here, but possibly a repeating pattern of your names to bring in some typography pattern.


  1. I'm trying to figure out how to do this ... so far, with very limited success.

  2. Victory-- Thanks for posting on the You've Got To Taste This blog! I answered you there, but thought you might be a little busy with your wedding plans, so I wanted to post the response here as well.

    I picked candied pecans because I knew my (soon-to-be) mother-in-law often made them to give as Christmas presents. Having been on the receiving end of that several times, I know they're fabulous, even after some time! Plus, they're candied, so the nuts are "sealed" in the sugar.
    I made mine three weeks in advance, put them in Hobby Lobby treat bags, tied with ribbon, then put the finished goodies in air-tight containers (from the Container Store, about $14 for a decently large one).
    I'm doing the same with biscotti, so stay tuned for that post later this week. Because it's already "stale" bread, I'm not worried, but am doing the same as I did with the pecans.
    Let me know how the wedding goes!

  3. Victory-- Ok, I've pretty much read your ENTIRE blog. Love it, and your fabulous ideas. If you're interested in more make-ahead wedding treats to go with the pecans, check out today's blog: biscotti. It's easy, I promise!


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