Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going it alone: Designing my invites

After very seriously considering purchasing an invites design from Printable Press, I've made the executive decision to forge ahead and design my own. I just couldn't reconcile paying $60+ dollars for a PDF that wasn't 100% what I wanted, knowing that I could whip out my (albeit rusty) graphic design skills to do it myself!

I mean, if I'm going to have to design the RSVP cars, map cards and reception cards in addition to coordinating printing of all pieces, then heck, I might as well just design the invite myself anyway!

So this is the compilation of the inspiration that Mr. B has officially approved. A frame of yellow/mustard colored pattern, with text in the middle. I also LOVE the fake-vintage-postcard-RSVP card, which I will totally steal. Just like the set in the upper left, but in yellow.
As a side note, Meg at A Practical Wedding posted an incredible site today [Invitation] that makes & prints invites for pretty darn cheap. Some are as little as $125 for 100 invites, and for custom printing, that's a deal. If I could get Mr. B to go for it, I'd totally do these kraft paper + feather invites in a mustard envelope. Hotness.


  1. OHHHH EMMMM and GEEEEE. Loving the feather invites.

    Mustard card, dark grey feather: Oh, yes.

  2. I am designing our invites too!
    The feather idea is really fun, and I like the cute text. Keep us posted on what you make!

  3. You can do it! And you know they'll be PERFECT, because you're designing and making them! :)

  4. kraft + mustard + feathers = amazing. Do it do it!


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