Friday, March 20, 2009

Members only?

Here's a new idea: achieve a not-overly-match-y bridal party with jackets. I don't think I've ever seen it done before.

Inspired by this fun evening many moons ago with three lovely Y&BB ladies, plus Ms. Livalittle! We all wore black blazers to dinner, and called ourselves the Black Blazer Brigade. Bonus points if you can spot the theme here . . .

So, imagine this. The five bridal brigade members are invited to wear their own grey dresses. Any style, as long as it matches the beautiful [recession-friendly] custom made jackets in mustard yellow. Courtesy of the fantastic Esty seller Ananya.



  1. again with the brilliant bridesmaid ideas. and those jackets are supercute!

  2. LOVE the jackets...cannot wait to wear it. Seriously, I want to buy one in multiple colors...I just might...


  3. Lovin' this idea...I can't wait to see photos :-)


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