Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bulging Brides

Hey friends! Well Thursday in Hawaii was Prince Kuhio day, which is a state holiday, meaning that I didn't have to work! Since I rarely get the chance to watch TV, I tuned in to the Fine Living Network, where I enjoyed watching the show "Bulging Brides."

Each episode of the show focuses on one woman and her quest to look great in her wedding dress. They start off by weighing the bride, taking her bust, waist and hip measurements and then making her try on her dress, which normally doesn't look very good! They take an unnatractive picture of her in the dress to serve as motivation and then she starts the reformed diet and exercise regime. At the end of the four or six weeks, the bride and her fiance do a final challenge together (10k, 20 mile bike ride). By the end of the show, they weigh her, take all of her measurements and tell her how much she's lost. The moment of truth is when she tries on the dress!
Has anyone seen this show? Do you like it? What are other people doing for bridal body beauty?


  1. I totally understand the desire to look your best on your wedding day. I get that.

    But..this "crash" exercise and diet thing? I'm not so fond of that.

    Adopt a healthy lifestyle TODAY because you want to be healthy and look your best every day of the year.

    Why a bride would choose to do this, I'm not sure.


  2. I have not seen that show. I have been using the 30 Day Shred workout video by Jillian Michaels to get in shape! I still have some work to do. :)

  3. HA, one of my bridesmaids is a 30 Day Shredder and is brining it over for me to try out! But she's making me match her level 2! Good luck.

  4. Ok, I meant to just post from MyRecipes, but now you've made me totally fall in love with your site!

    I'm planning my own wedding, and to prep for it, I actually got a trainer with a few other brides-to-be from work. It was fantastic! Instead of getting bored by walking every day (my usual routine), we got together for $15 each a session and rocked out for an hour a morning three times a week.

    I don't think I'm smaller, but I'm definitely stronger and more toned!


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