Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yep, he's The One

Real email I received from Mr. B this afternoon:


You'd be so proud of me, I'm putting together a list of Wedding To-Dos for the weekend. Please feel free to add:

- Jewelry Store (ring fitting and wedding band ideas)
- Research/Contact musicians for ceremony (Friend? Band? Kazooist?)
- Contact reception restaurant again for the quote...threaten to break their kneecaps if need be
- Figure out officiants (Family? Italy Guy? Friend? Ponce Man?)
- Look into equipment rental (I know it's ahead of schedule, but I was looking for filler)
- Look into tux/suit rentals (ditto)
- Set up the Wedding Tracker (<== this refers to
his MS Access database)
- Create business plan to make $20,000 from bake sales and snuggles

Love you!


Yes ladies, this dreamboat is taken!


  1. WOW. I'd save that email forever - I wish I could get mine to do that! Your fiance's got a great sense of humor, too! :)

  2. It's really a shame that I won't be able to waddle my way out to the wedding. I am SUPERB kazooist. I even do a mean shake of the tamborine....but, alas. :)

    ps. My husband can officiate weddings. Dead Serious. In case? Our Officiant canceled and a half before our wedding....

  3. i would die if i got an email like that! congrats! haha.

    and yes, i am a nicole as well! i actually went by nikki when i was younger but jason calls me coley! it's so great that we're both in atlanta!!! maybe we can have a wedding planning support group. haha.


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