Monday, March 9, 2009

Forgiveness doesn't reach the nose

Suddenly we're back to normal in Atlanta. Last week's snow has melted and faded from memory, and with the time change we're back to long lazy summer nights. It is glorious and I'm tempted to forgive my fair city for the horrible, cold, dark winter that has past.

What could possibly make me forgive the treachery that is SAD, parkas and closed restaurant patios? The dogwoods are in bloom.

There's no better symbol of rebirth in my book. These iconic blossoms line the avenues every March and shower passers-by with their spent petals as if reveling in the irony that a different kind of white fluffy stuff rained down mere days ago.

Now, wouldn't this be the perfect spring flower for a stately Atlanta wedding? They are simply devine! Oh, except for one minor thing: they reek like dog pee.

Which is why I can't understand how Martha Stewart worked them into this gorgeous bouquet. Literally, you can't stand to be within several feet from a full blooming tree for more than a few minutes.


  1. Ha! And here I was, believing all those ante-bellum novels about sweet dogwoods scenting the Southern night air.

  2. Maybe she sprayed it with perfume...I used to spray our dog with Febreeze when I was little because I thought he was stinky :)

  3. HAHA. I never knew that! I always thought that dogwoods were so breathtaking. Apparently they are, quite literally....


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