Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bachelor RANT!!

Ok, so has anyone been watching the Bachelor? What in the world? So for those of you who don't know, this idiot named Jason was rejected on the Bachelorette and he was asked to be the next Bachelor. So he goes through the season, picks one girl, actually proposes to her and then six weeks later, changes his mind and goes for the girl he rejected!! Oh, and did I mention that he does this all on national TV? What a colossal jerk!! The worst part is that he tries to come off as if he is completely genuine and empathetic, saying things like "I know what I did was totally horrible, but I believe that I was right." Self-absorbed, hedonistic, son of a monkey!! Who tries to find the person they will marry on TV?! I mean, honestly. I have to admit that I have watched this show quite enthusiastically season after season. However, the last few episodes of this Bachelor really crossed the line! Now that I am actually engaged, I think that I have more of an appreciation for the idea of willy-nilly handing out engagement rings and taking them back. Oy.

Thank god that I didn't meet Mr. Livalittle on ABC.


  1. All of these "I met you because I just wanted to be on TV but now I really LOVE you (as long as that means I can stay on TV)" shows make me ill. Does anybody believe this crap is "reality"? I guarantee you that every single one of those people has an agent & a publicist working on stretching out their 15 minutes of pseudo-fame.

    That's not what I call love.

  2. OK: I have to say I was quite disappointed with Jason. [He should have picked Jillian]. Arg.

    As much as I make fun of these people for their method of meeting eachother... I, too, continue to watch season after season.

  3. Here's what gets me . . . He *knew* he was going to break up with the first girl and waited until "After the Rose" to do it. Why? He could have taken care of that behind the scenes, let the girl keep some of her dignity and then that could have been tidied up for a few weeks before the "After the Rose" show and THEN he could have said that things were her had been over for a little while and he was re-interested in Girl #2.

    It's frustrating. And I think he's as interested as being on television as ABC is in ratings. A good combination, hm?

    Wonder when the next season starts? ;)

    A Girl Named Me

  4. The show might be "real", but the people on it seem to all be wanna-be actors. I used to watch the show and began to find that no one ever stayed together!! Except the one bachelorette, Trista, I think.

    I caught the last ten minutes of the final episode this season. I couldn't believe what he did. (I didn't watch the whole season). And the girl #2 couldn't be happier to accept his lame speech that he was "confused". I hope girl #2 ends up dumping HIM! Hahaha! What a sleaze!

  5. But that's the difference, isn't it? You didn't look for your fella on a tv show!


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