Friday, February 27, 2009

A new outlook

We're off on a last minute trip to the beautiful mountain city of Asheville this weekend. We'll be staying at my co-workers sweet house, where we can expect views like this. 

Asheville is our fav local vacation. The downtown is walkable, historic [hello Biltmore, the largest home in AMERICA built in the late 19th c.], full of microwbreweries, organic eats and great barbecue. The surrounding landscape is a natural adventure of hiking, boating, etc. It was the only destination we considered for a destination wedding.

Of course, with my luck, it'll actually be more like this [SNOW is forecast for our beloved Southeast on Sunday. WTF? It's MARCH people. The month of the Other White Fluff: Dogwood blooms.]. Oh well, at least the place is equipped with a real wood burning fireplace and a hot tub. And the last few chapters of Gone With The Wind. 

Grace Bonney [of Design*Sponge fame] is looking for recommendations for her honeymoon. Maybe it's just special to us, but Asheville is srsly romantic AND fun, including plenty of glamping opportunities

Glamping is definitely a honeymoon option if we decide to stay domestic thanks to the NYSE. It would be great: Mr. B could FINALLY use his backpacking pack [after a year of non-use] and I could tell my cool indie friends we stayed in a yurt. A win-win if you ask me!


  1. Everybody loves a yurt! (I've always wanted to write that :)

  2. I love Asheville! And Biltmore is so fun visit. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  3. Whether you have the views of your first pictures or the second picture (and are in the hot tub and hanging out by the fireplace).

    Have a great week-end there!

  4. um that house sounds amazing, hope you had a great weekend. I've heard such great things about Asheville, I want to visit someday. And I want to go "glamping" in the Carribean for my honeymoon - just didn't know there was a term for it. ha thanks!


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