Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fie on you, nouveau bridal culture!

Wow- what a cool guestbook tradition! At the wedding, I suggest that you place a card in front of the book that explains the Anderson tradition. So neat!

I've seen some cool guestbook ideas: using a silver pen to sign an old, cool Beatles record; having guests sign a picture book that features photos that are in theme with the wedding (a book of old ships at a nautical themed wedding, for example); providing quilting squares for each guest that are later made into a wedding quilt...the list goes on.

I'm not sure what I'd like to do. It might be fun to have both the traditional book and something more creative. How about providing a poloroid camera so that guests can take pictures of each other and write fun messages on the bottom? Or maybe we can have people write out their messages with cut-out individual letters like a ransom note. Haha!! Talk about weird.
(This one is from the Ransom Note Generator- such an awesome tool.)

It has occured to me in the last week that everything does not need to be creative or insanely different- what makes it different is the bride and groom and their families and friends! While I'm having fun thinking of new and inventive ways to put my personal signature on this affair, I am also looking back to traditions of the past and honoring the old-fashioned and somewhat antiquated wedding customs. I am excited to have the cascading bouquet of my mom's era, the H hankerchief of my grandma's era and military uniforms of many eras goneby!

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  1. Hello! Great blog. I wanted to share what we used for our guestbook at our wedding. My husband and I purchased a silver tray and an engraving pen that our guests used to write a note and/or sign our tray with. We framed a note about how what to do to go along with it.

    Good luck and continue having fun with the planning!


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