Monday, February 9, 2009

Have no fear, (cute) bridesmaid dresses are here!

The cartoon above (obtained from sums up a bridesmaid's worst fear- a terribly unatrractive or unflattering dress! The movie 27 Dresses really highlights all of the worst possible selections- remember this one?

Of course, I wouldn't want to subject my lovely friends and sister-in-laws to such fashion suicide, so I've chosen a dress that will highlight their beauty and solve world hunger. Or at the very least, won't make them want to vom.

Behold, Alexia designs style #2910 in bourdeaux! It is full length, sweetheart strapless and features a brooch on the hip. In person, the fabric is even more radiant!

Finding this little gem was a process- I found that looking at dresses online was no substitute for seeing and trying on dresses in person. I went to Rosalin's Bridal Boutique in Falls Church to view a number of styles. I personally tried on about 20 dresses before deciding on this one.

It was extremely helpful to see fabrics and look at the construction of the dress. I also took a few pictures of it with my digital camera to see how it looked on film- this was very important to me since this event will be documented up the wazoo and sometimes clothes just don't photograph well!

Before leaving the bridal shop, I had the owner physically measure the sample to see how the size chart measured up-- and found that the measurements were slightly different. I also asked about the possibility of ordering extra length for my taller ladies and the exact process of paying for and receiving the dress (how much is needed at deposit, do they take check, how long does it take, etc). I think that they'll look great in this cranberry red!


  1. Beautiful & classy! Unfortunately, I've fallen victim to the ugly bridesmaid dresses more then once - it's pretty awful! :)

  2. That's a really sassy dress! I love the color! And you know what the best part of the dress is? You can totally shorten it and wear it again (I couldn't resist)! It was so smart of you to photograph the dress, because no matter what your "vision" may be, a good bride has to make sure that it actually works in reality--Does the color work (b/c it may be "your signature" but it's not everyone's) on all of your girls/guys? Does it photograph well? Will that color or style look good next to the bride, and most importantly, does the "look" of the wedding and color scheme stand the test of time? Every bride wants to look back at her pictures and see something beautiful and timeless, and not something that was only interesting for a moment in time (Can you tell I've seen some baaad weddings?). Good for you for being a conscientious bride and doing your research!


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