Sunday, February 22, 2009

Viva la Barrel!

ZOMG, so exhausted. Momma Bird was in town [Sister Bird too], and following the lead of Sam Livalittle, we got the quite a bit sussed out. We spent 68 hours pouring over inspiration boards, idea folders and month by month calendars. Bottom line: Momma is officially On Board with the details I/we've brainstormed and that is a good thing.

But the most MAJOR accomplishment of the weekend, was the start of our wedding gift registry. And thank the lord for Crate & Barrel, otherwise, I would continue serving Thanksgiving dinner on this ungodly collection of mismatched plates in perpetuity. 

Terribly fashionable southwestern dishes, circa 1993.

These I actually like, but it strangely they keep disappearing. I think they are catching the ugly from the other dishes.

WTF, animals? At least they were free.


It was magical. List in hand, Momma to advise, and Sissy to hold the Starbucks, I gave Mr. B the Gun and off we went, tagging willy nilly. And we did a great job of staying in the lines; everything is white porcelain, glass or wood. Clearer heads prevailed and I stayed away from the uber trendy. 

So in eight glorious months, I can retire the hodge podge in favor of clean, classic, white Aspen:

And just like TTO, I was sure that I was going to skip china. But it turns out that my mother still has yet to inherit her mother's mother's china, so I may be waiting another few decades for that. In the meantime, I discovered these:

Nothing fancy or expensive, but man, these will make fantastic Fancy Occasion dishes. Hallelujah! I seriously can't sleep at night thinking about the gloriousness that might be coming our way. And don't even get me started on the combination slow cooker/rice cooker brilliance!


  1. so glad i could hold things efficiently for you. and that i will inherit said fugly dishes.

  2. Our plate collection is similar at the moment!! haha


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