Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Help needed!

OMG, I have found the holy grail of Victory Bird wedding shoes. Behold:

From our fav online shop, J.Crew, naturally. Here is the dilemma: I cannot try them on. Has anyone ever owned shoes from J.Crew? How do they fit?

I've come across the deal of the century. 20%, plus free shipping. Though they are wicked expensive . . . I can't imagine finding a more drool-worthy wedding shoe.

ps - Mr. B officially signed off on a color scheme of yellow and gray [and white and exposed brick and Kraft paper accents] Wooo!


  1. I totally dig these shoes sis. And yipee for the color scheme!

  2. I love the vintage styling of the shoe...who doesn't love a peep toe?
    PS. I thought you ladies might like this article:


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