Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's easy to get all caught up in the details of planning a wedding and therefore also easy not to focus on the fact that a marriage is actually going to take place and lots of things will change! Mr. Livalittle and I have been given many, many pre-marital counseling books to help us prepare for this next huge step in our lives. See our library below:
This was the first we looked at- before we even got engaged! I guess that we're just very logical people and wanted to make sure that we could answer these before getting started in this whole process. We could- phew! Mr. Livalittle's mama gave him this one long ago.
Here is another one- much funnier and more of a workbook. A good one! This one was given to us by my eldest brother and his lovely lady, who also happens to be my matron of honor!
Although some of the questions in this book are quite obvious, there are some helpful things for both the bride and the groom to ask each other, their families and their friends. This was also given to us by my lovely aunt.

I hear this one is great, but haven't read it yet. Brad and I both have a copy and will fill out the sections prior to our counseling sessions. My aunt, who will be officiating our ceremony and doing our counseling, gave us this book.

A fantastic book- the best I've read so far. Mr. L is also currently reading this one. I've already applied it to our relationship and others' relationships. The basic thesis is that people communicate in different "love languages" and that in a marriage, you need to learn your partner's language and your own. The "languages" are 1)words of affirmation; 2)acts of service (making dinner, taking out the trash, etc.); 3)quality time; 4)gifts (can be small tokens); and 5)physical touch. I highly recommend the read! We received this from Mom and Dad.

And finally, thank the good lord no relative or friend has purchased this book. Oy. I'm not mature enough to handle receiving this book in front of people who are related to me.

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