Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Delicious decor

Two great ideas for reception decor just in from Style Me Pretty this week! It's pretty clear my love for food is strong. [Mr. B is convinced I'm a fat kid on the inside] And these ideas help avoid florals, while introducing organic and textured elements at a DIY cost!

First up: Citrus Centerpieces 
Not for every table, but I've got two unique silver cake stands, and would switch to lemons for that brilliant yellow color. Imagine with the guest book or tucked in some random niche.

And next: Herbed Place-setting
Just tuck a sprig of rosemary into a napkin with a menu card for a dash of texture on the table. What a lovely detail! And luckily for us, rosemary grows wild in huge bushes all over town . . . so some midnight clipping might be in order to help make this a totally free decor item. 

It's making me hungry already!


  1. That's a really cool concept, and the great thing about it is, there are tons of fruits and/or other organic products that cover a wide spectrum of color and can be arranged in very interesting ways. Apples come in a lot of vibrant shades, and hold up really well, peaches, pears or mangoes add great color and aroma, artichokes can make great candle holders, nuts are great for adding texture,coffee beans are good for both texture/smell and look so chic in a glass vase or bowl (grains or legumes can also be subbed if they better fit your color palette) with a candle nestled in, and I know it sounds weird, but Brussel sprout stalks look really artsy when arrange in a vase. Hit up anyone you know that keeps a garden or fruit-bearing trees!

    Okay, I'll stop now....sorry.

  2. I love the limes with little flowers tucked into the cracks! How cute!

  3. How amazing is the smell of fresh rosemary? Yum, indeed!


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