Monday, February 2, 2009

The dress who must not be named

Like all things wedding, I really didn't want to get overly worked up about the dress. No naming, no extremes, no sacred 'moment'. Just a really really fabulous dress that is the exact and perfect expression of my personality and communicates instantly my wedding style and perfects all of my inherent flaws and cures cancer!

And like every girl who has dreamed that such a piece of couture existed, I found it.

The first dress I ever tried on. The dress that kept appearing and reappearing in magazines. The dress my mother AND my sister AND I all just love [with that on it's resume, I'm actually a bit surprised it doesn't at least cure something easy, like mono . . .]. And DUDE, IT HAS POCKETS.

After trying it on several times, it was clear that this dress simply had all the right stuff [I've always wanted to link to that!]:
1. 1960s styling
2. interesting/different neckline [not strapless]
3. architectural shape and structure [A belt? AWESOME]
4. A-line skirt

Check, check, check, and check. But for everyone's sake, I'll refrain from gross anthropomorphizing and name calling. But just maybe I'll allow myself to peek in to say hi once it's arrived.


  1. PS - Effing squirrel. Six more weeks of winter?

  2. omg--you bought THAT dress! I blogged about it. I'm so in love with that dress. I can't wait to see wedding pics of you in it!!

  3. That video is both hysterical and scary all at the same for your dress: I fully support any gown that has pockets. :)


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