Friday, March 13, 2009

More dress ideas for the bridesmaid brigade

Liking the tights idea! I think, however, that I would do the tights in a lighter color than the dress. Perhaps light grey with a charcoal shift dress? Or-- GASP!-- light grey with mimosa short dresses? Could be cool! Your maids would be a walking version of your color scheme! Wouldn't it be pretty if they carried white/ivory flowers? mmmm.
Speaking of bridesmaid dresses, I came across the following book yesterday in the Kailua Public Library-- You Can Wear It Again: A Celebration of Bridesmaid Dresses. Fairly hilarious. It basically features some pretty hein frocks of the past few decades. I would recommend bringing the book along before unveiling your bmaid dress...just for some comic relief. It might also help them to remember that even if they don't love it, it could be A LOT worse.


  1. I'm lovin' the tights and shift dress look - so chic and stylish! :) Definitely ivory flowers, maybe with subtle pops of yellow. So cute!

  2. OMG - love the top two images. Where did you find them??

  3. I love the outfit in the 3rd image. So fun and put together. I think I'm going to have to pick up the book! Looks so funny. How many times has a bridesmaid heard that phrase "You Can Wear It Again." Love it.

  4. Hehe, definitely go for the last image!

  5. I love the grey tights.

    where did you bouy them?

    Nicolet, Holland


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