Thursday, March 5, 2009

The name game

Let's all agree to drop the 'bridal party' or the 'wedding party'.

We're going to be the Youth & Beauty Brigade. 

Partly because I'm a huge Decemberists fan and will be traveling with some of the Y&BB to BONNAROO in June to see them. It will be an incredible all-girl camping music hippy fun fest. Awesome.

Also partly because of this and this. It's great to see people customizing tradition and expectations to meet their own needs, and I highly respect their arrangement. I LOVE the idea of handing out a paint chip and giving the Y&BB free reign to pick out their dress.

And also partly because, like Juno, I am dealing with things far beyond my maturity level. Honest to blog! It's weird to think that in some of the geographies of my life, people my age are settled with a house and kids, and in others, the idea of marriage this young is laughable. It's a crazy world, and I'd like to remember that I'm only 23 once and a while.


  1. Oh - 23 & married with a kid is crazy. I'm 27 and am just getting married. I can't imagine having a 4-year-old!

  2. I love it! That sounds like way more fun than 'wedding party'. Mine were the Bridal Beauties!

    PS. Sooooooooo jealous about your upcoming musical excursions. SO JEALOUS.

  3. same here! buying a house and planning a wedding while being 24 has been super stressful!

    i love the decemberists! clementine is one of my boy and my songs!


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