Thursday, June 11, 2009

Head gear

Originally, I was sure I would jump aboard the birdcage veil train. With my simple, retro dress, I though that would be a sassy way to dress it up.

But the more I thought seriously about it, the more I realized I wanted a classic look [and the 40s inspired bird cage technically does not synch with my early 60s inspired gown] [and I'm not sure I want some netting hanging in my face ALL DAY LONG].

Enter: the simple cathedral length veil. Such a huge 180-reversal-of-mind-for-me, the one trying to avoid looking like a bride. But what can I say? It's dreamy.

Notice the utter lack of crystals, beading or trim. Does not intrude on the face. May possibly not hate it in 10 years.

So I went and tried several traditional veils on at Kelly's Closet in Atlanta. The cut edge cathedral was perfect. But surprisingly, I also liked an elbow length number. It did have an appropriately retro, sweet and un-dramatic feel. Though the sales girls decided that it would cut off my dress funny, and recommended the cathedral length.

But wait, there's more! This incredible Etsy seller, VeiledBeauty, makes simple, cut edge numbers in this AMAZING fabric called Lattice Lace. So unique! And of course, the only images I can get are of it in this shorter length. [It comes in all lengths, however]

So, what do you think?

Cathedral or elbow? Will I get annoyed when people step on a long one? Will the short version cut off the back of my dress? 

Help please.


  1. I tried on a bunch of veil styles as well and liked the shorter ones in theory, but ended up prefering the cathedral length because of the formal style of my dress. For you, however, I think that you could get away with both. Although your dress is formal, the belt brings in a casual aspect and this means that you could really go with whatever length you want. I wouldn't do anything too busy, as it might distract from your dress. The lattice lace is interesting because it is geometric, but it might be a touch too modern. If it were me, I would go with a smaller version of the lattice print in elbow length. I'd also check out pictures of women in dresses similar to yours to see what looks good!

  2. I think you will get annoyed with people stepping on your veil. It's going to happen enough with your dress as it is! haha. I adore the latticed Etsy veil! I think the short length would be perfect with your dress and it's retro vibe. That way, nothing interferes with the belt or the back of the dress.


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