Monday, June 8, 2009

Send in the Suits

When picturing W-Day, my mental image includes dresses, delicious food, beautiful images and super fun people. Attire of the men folk really doesn't enter the picture. I mean, how many options are there? Once we knew that the vibe was casual, and that instead of tuxes, Mr. B & Co. would be wearing grey suits, I figured that was the end.

Oh boy, was I wrong. Apparently there are VAST differences between a trendy two button and a classic three button suit. Vents? Flat front vs. pleats? 

Let's just say I've learned a lot. 

A few weeks back, Mr. B found this hot suit on sale at J. Crew. How very Mad Men. Yes, there will be tie clips.

But unfortunately, very few companies rent suits for our five/six groomsmen. Fewer rent grey suits. And still fewer rent the trendy, two-button flat-front style [understandable, since they are likely to be out of style in a few years]. If you're counting, that would make it impossible to rent said suits.

We heard that Groomsman Jack is purchasing a suit for another wedding he is in this year, for the same price it would be to rent a suit. So we looked. And looked.

And this past weekend, we purchased six charcoal, two-button, flat-front suits for $648 from K&G Fashion Superstore. SCORE. That is definitely cheaper per person than renting, AND they will fit perfectly, AND they won't have to worry about picking up/dropping off during the busy wedding weekend. Oh AND THEY GET TO KEEP IT FOREVER.

Now, to find a yellow tie that won't make Mr. B's pale skin look like death.


  1. Oh my gosh I first thought it was $648 for each suit . . . I would be pissed if someone asked me to pay for that for their wedding . . . $100ish, totally reasonable!!

  2. That last line made me giggle...'cause it's true....

  3. that is such a great price!!
    congrats, the men are going to look great i'm sure!

  4. Oh. my. god. You may have just provided us the most fab resource ever!

  5. Love the suit in the pic! Yum.


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