Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meet the Parents!

Today my parents met Mr. Livalittle's parents for the first time and thank the good lord I wasn't there! I would have been a complete wreck and knowing me, I would have nervously blathered on, adjusted my clothes and tossed my hair (this is what I do). Thank goodness our parents were just left to their own devices. Apparently, it went well and was nothing like Meet the Parents 2 when Barbara Streisand, sex therapist, made the fiancee's wildly conservative parents considerably uncomfortable. Have you ever noticed how many wedding movies include awkward parent interactions?

Let's see...there is Meet the Parents 2, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The In-Laws, Monster-In-Law...oh the list goes on and on. Do you remember this scene from Monster-In-Law? Oh man!!


  1. Ha, who doesn't have an awkward moment meeting the parents! It can be nerve-wrecking! Any time I meet anyone new who is important to my significant other, I get nervous!

  2. Glad it went well!! Meeting the parents (family, extended family) is ALWAYS so stressful!

  3. Monster in Law was so painful to watch, haha.
    And that scene in Father of the Bride when Steve Martin falls into the pool--I still can't watch it without cringing!
    Glad everything went well though!!


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