Friday, August 14, 2009

V: Occasional Series on Rad Registry Items

As we draw near to finalizing the fantastic-ness that is our wedding gift registry, I've decided to share some of the crazy items we think will make our house & life a home.

Having lived together for a while now, we're not in need of much. But to give some suggestions for our overly generous guests, we've complied a short list of items with the intent of hosting said guests back in our home at some point.

We've gone with the standby of every engaged couple, Crate & Barrel, for kitchen basics.

And to include some spicier items, we've signed up with Wishpot for a registry to draw from across the interwebs. Honestly, I'm not a fan of the name [it seems greedy, no?], but the interface works really well, and heck, it is a registry of PRESENTS FOR US. Hoo-ray!

First up, we have registered for a Nintendo Wii.

Now, I am certainly no Halo player, but I've seen how this thing can really jazz up a party. Want to go bowling but can't handle the idea of slipping on some 'certified pre-owned' bowling shoes? Play a spot of tennis on a rainy day? This is definitely the way to go.


  1. Whenever I think of registeries I always think of kitchen utensils, and dishes. That's SO awesome that you registered for a Wii!

  2. Whoop for the Wii! Seriously fun. I promise you will enjoy this!


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