Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Add another line item to that budget

On Friday, we are scheduled to take our engagement photos. I've been researching ideas and found some really fantastic work out there. We've strategized to make the most of our golden hour time slot, with the plan to begin at our super fun loft apartment with a retro theme, then walk around our neighborhood casually [the Highlands, standard for pretty much everyone in Atlanta], and finally take the last few on our deck as the sun sets as a duo in a Bond flick [that's my hot black ball gown and Mr. B in a black suit, skull tie & aviators to you].

Inspiration includes the AMAZING Feather Love:

[we are totally taking pictures with Mr. B's banjo, the lessons are really paying off!]

Among many others.

Wow, there's so much to do, got to get the place spiffed up, oh and REPLACE ALL OF OUR CLOTHES. Because the load of laundry that included all our clothes for the shoot, yeah, it turned pink.

Off to the mall tonight!


  1. I love the idea of e-pics at home! Our place is such a mess (and tiny) that unfortunately it wouldn't make for great pictures. But your loft sounds dreamy! I'm sure the pics will turn out great! :)

  2. Oh I bet your photos will be beautiful!

    ps- you are so right! It's Leon's! Cath and I haven't done the bocce thing yet either. Drop us a line the next time you gals are in Decatur ;)

  3. So excited to see your pics in the Highlands!


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