Monday, May 18, 2009

Food Comas and Wedding Hangovers

Mr. B's lovely parents were in town this past weekend. And all in the name of 'research' we hit five restaurants in 2.25 days. 

I haven't been hungry since Saturday. It's Monday night. I think it's pure cholesterol running through my veins.


Any way, we did come up with some great Rehersal Dinner options for our group of 45, including the private rooms at Ecco and One Midtown Kitchen. Seriously, the food at Ecco is OUT OF THIS WORLD. And One Midtown is right on the Park where we'll be rehearsing. The biggest problem in is Atlanta is that there are just too many good restaurants.

The other items accomplished or at least started is insanely long, so expect updates and musings. All of the things we said were too far off in the future to worry about [DIYs, cake, engagement shoot, invitations, accessories]; it is now officially time to get crackin on.



  1. The beginning of this post cracked me up. And yay! for the Arrival of the Dress!

  2. I'm excited for the dress!
    I had a weekend of eating as well since a friend was visiting and we just had to eat desserts and Mexican food and everything else in San Diego since it was a vacation.
    Glad you got some of your research out of the way. =)

  3. Ecco is my vote! Great wine and food... and you can't beat the atmosphere! :-) Buckhead Life has some great restaurants for Private Dining too though.. Decisions! Decisions!


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