Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wedding Makeup

Hey bloggers. I have a new discovery that I just had to share! For any of you who are doing your own makeup for the wedding or just like makeup in general, I have found a great eyeliner! I'm always looking for a liner that won't smudge, wear off or look messy. MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes is sold at Sephora and costs $17. It genuinely last for 24 hours and is a great pencil liner. It stays moist enough at first to add an eyeshadow that stays all day with it. I'm thinking of getting the liquid too to wear on top! Go to Sephora and check it out!

I am also considering a bold move: false eyelashes! Here in Hawaii, people get eyelash extensions all the time- it's quite popular. It is a long process that can take up to three hours, depending on the speed of your beautician. One falsh eyelash is glued to each real eyelash and it makes for a dramatic and pretty look! If done professionally, the eyelashes are waterproof and stay on for up to one month. Or perhaps I should apply them at home? Could be a disaster, could be great. Many things to consider


  1. I know several people that have eyelash extensions, and they absolutely LOVE them! I had a friend who did my wedding makeup apply fake lashes, and it completely maaaaade the look. If you plan on applying fake lashes yourself, definitely buy some and do several trial runs first so that that you can get used to the application, as well as figuring about just how long and lush you want to go! :)

    Just a tip though, make sure that before you actually go to bed on your wedding night, that you remember to remove your fakies...or, you know, you might wake up the next morning ready to sexily greet your new husband with eyelashes stuck to your forehead....not that I know from personal experience or anything...

  2. WOW! Thanks for the tip! I can never find an eyeliner that doesn't smudge or where off in the middle of the day. As for the false eyelashes, I used to wear them a lot for special events and it definitely adds VAVoom! People notice you and your eyes pop. It depends at how good and steady your hand is at putting them on. The professional way may be the way to go if you have no clue what you are doing, although this may be expensive. But if you get it done, let me know and post pictures! I would love to see them! OH, and what about asking your doctor about Latisse, it grows darker and fuller, longer eye lashes. Maybe something to look into!

  3. I agree with Jayne! Buy some individual false lashes (at Ricky's or any other costume/cosmetics store) and a tube of glue and do a few test runs. They work WAY better than the false lashes that come in a strip, which look really costume-y and can be super heavy (I wore a set for halloween this year and looked cross-eyed in every picture since I was literally straining to keep my lids up!)Individuals = much better.


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