Monday, May 4, 2009

Favoring Food

You could definitely put us down as massively obsessed foodies. Really, there are few things that better analogize the love Mr. B and I share.

Though I'm not big on the whole favors-at-weddings band wagon, I do love a chance to get in extra goodies so long as it is cheap. Sorry folks, no trendy french macaroons [srsly, they are the new cupcake] here. But we all love the edible favors, as Samantha has figured out.

First idea to suck me in was Jenna's homemade flavored olive oil. Mr. B and I made an incredible trip to Sonoma last year, and tasting olive oil straight up is one of our favorite memories. AMAZING. But checking out her DIY tutorial [Parts 1 and 2], made it clear this a 'Week Of' project. Unfortunately something I won't be making time for. Also expensive to get good oil [at least by Mr. B's sky-high standards]!

But last week Amy Jean posted a note about the fantastic blogging over at We use it all the time for the Cooking Light recipes, but I had no idea they had a great entertaining/foodie blog called You've Got to Taste This. Contributor Ashley Johnson is getting hitched herself and full of great food-related DIYs.

Enter: our current favor idea. The Candied Pecan!

A southern favorite, the pecan can be sugared to be sweet, coated to be spicy or a covered in a sweet+savory mixture. Imagine in a cute clear box with custom label available for pick-up at the start of the ceremony at the Park, where there otherwise would be zero snacks. 

And best of all, we can make this several weeks in advance. Hooray!

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  1. Those pecans look delicious! I love them. It's a definite must try soon! :) Thanks for the shout out !


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